Is psychotherapy covered by my insurance?
Some insurance plans have a provision for “out-of-network” providers, and will reimburse to a lesser degree than “in network” providers.  In lieu of using insurance, you may be able to work with David for a session fee close to your copay. David can give you a statement you can submit to your insurance carrier for possible out-of-network reimbursement. There are several options for payment in addition to or in lieu of insurance reimbursement: costs can be reduced by scheduling sessions less frequently, or by making use of sliding fee scale time slots, establishing a Psychotherapy Contract, or negotiating a payment plan, as described in the “Fees” section. 
Is my psychotherapy confidential? 
As a psychotherapy client you have a legal and moral right to privacy, with the only exceptions being those noted in the disclosure statement, as mandated by law in the State of Colorado. David will not disclose any information about you without a signed “Release of Information” form from you. 

There are several circumstances under which confidentiality may be broken. A therapist has a legal and moral obligation to report child abuse as well as threat of serious harm to the client herself or himself or to others. Occasionally, a therapist may be subpoenaed by the courts to testify, and on very rare occasions, information may be released to the Social Work Licensing Board in the event of a grievance filed by a client.  In addition, a client’s identity may be revealed to appropriate persons regarding payments in default. Other than in those situations, a client can expect absolute confidentiality about the nature of the work being done, or even the fact of the client’s involvement in therapy.     

What does the Greek letter  φ (Phi) symbolize?
The Greek letter Phi is the symbol for The Golden Ratio. The German psychologist Adolf Zeising sawThe Golden Ratio operating as a universal law. He wrote in 1854 that the Golden Ratio is a universal law, “in which is contained the ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art, and which permeates, as a paramount spiritual ideal, all structures, forms and proportions, whether cosmic or individual, organic or inorganic, acoustic or optical; which finds its fullest realization, however, in the human form.”
φ symbolizes this ground-principle of all formative striving for beauty and completeness” and honors the work that clients do in the service of their growth. 

Do you work with each partner separately in couples therapy?

Generally, it is preferable to meet with both members of a couple together.The “client” is, in the case of couples therapy, not either of the partners, but the relationship itself. Advocating for the well-being of the relationship can sometimes mean that the preferences of each partner may take second place to the needs of the relationship.There are circumstances where meeting with partners separately around a specific issue can be useful, but the therapist needs to be and needs to be perceived as neutral, as attentive to the truths of BOTH partners, and this may be difficult to assure if there are separate meetings with each partner.

Any chance David is related to the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats?

There is.  David's great great grandfather's brother was the father of William Butler Yeats.


Early in David’s career, he worked at 2 psychiatric hospitals as a mental health worker, and taught elementary school both in Illinois and in Colorado.

He became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the mid 1980’s.

As a social worker in addition to maintaining a private practice, David directed the AMEND Program in Boulder, working with perpetrators of domestic violence, and served on the Boulder County Domestic Violence Treatment Advisory Board. He co-founded the Boulder Men’s Center as a resource for men seeking psychotherapy and support, and offered local and national conferences, consultations to businesses and agencies, and community presentations and workshops. 

In 1999, with his family, David moved to Hawaii for three and a half years. He directed two programs there, the DecisionPoint Domestic Violence Treatment Program and the Ohana Visitation Center (offering families supervised visitation) through the YWCA of Kauai. He also taught courses at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Kauai Community College, and Masters Level students at Argosy University.

Also while in Hawaii, he and his wife bought a property and developed the Aloha Breeze Inn B &B.  In 2003, he resumed his Practice in Boulder.  David is married with five adult children and five grandchildren.

Here is David’s “Curriculum Vitae”, from 1973 to the present:

David has written two books, Co-Creating a Brilliant Relationship: A Journey of Deepening Connection, Meaning, and Joy, (Outskirts Press, 2014), and 
A Universe Full of Magical Things: A Cosmic View Beyond the Myths of Religion and Scientific Materialism, 
(Outskirts Press, 2020).

The fee per fifty minute session is $125.00, whether individual or couples.  David does offer a sliding fee scale for certain time slots, depending on availability. (See Discounted Session Time Slots below).  Other ways to pay attention to cost concerns include having bi-weekly (as opposed to the standard weekly) session frequency, negotiating a payment plan, or establishing a Psychotherapy Contract (see below).  

350 Broadway, Suite 102
Boulder Colorado 80305
(303) 335-9170

University of Denver, Denver Colorado, 1984-1986:
Obtained Masters Degree in Social Work
University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado, 1980:
Completed one course on teaching developmentally disabled in the regular classroom, upgrading teaching credentials from Illinois to Colorado
National College of Education, (now National-Louis University), Evanston, Illinois, 1974-1976:
Obtained B.A. Degree in Teaching, with a dual major, receiving Divisional Honors in Intermediate Education and Departmental Honors in Social Sciences
Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, 1966-1969.

Currently licensed in Colorado as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, #989213.

Private Practice 2002-Present
After practicing 14 years in Boulder, Colorado and 3 and a half years in Kauai, Hawaii, David has again been practicing in Boulder since 2002, working with adult women and men (and occasional late teens and seniors) in individual, couple, and group formats. 

Feb 2003-Aug 2003
At the University of Colorado (Boulder) Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, providing counseling to Faculty and Staff, planning Summer Staff Workshops, presenting workshops, along with involvements with informal supervision of interns and participation in the Organizational Development Consultation Group.

Oct 2001-Nov 2002
Responsible for program development, management, administration, clinical supervision, staffing, staff training, community interface, testifying, and all facets of operation for this program, whose mission is to support continuing positive contacts between parents and children of families in crisis,  e.g. domestic violence, contentious divorce, blended families, substance abuse, developmental issues of childhood, foster care, sexual abuse. 

Mar 2001- Nov 2002
Responsible for program development, assessment tools (screening major mental illness, medication need, substance abuse, and sexual abuse), management, administration, clinical supervision, staffing, staff training, community interface, and all facets of operation for this program, which is funded by the Hawaii Judiciary, and whose mission is to enhance safety for victims of family violence through batterers’ intervention group therapy.  

ARGOSY UNIVERSITY (FORMERLY AMERICAN SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY). Masters in Professional Counseling Program, Marriage and Family Therapy Specialty: Instructor for the course “Family Therapy Counseling Skills” fall term, 2002.

 Kauai Community College.  
Teaching an all day class each semester in each of the following: Conflict Resolution, Preventing Violence, Anger Management, Stress Management, Dealing with Difficult People (or alternately, Dealing with Hostile People), and Negotiating Skills.  Apr 2000-Oct 2002

INNKEEPER. Aloha Breeze Inn.  
In September 1999, with his wife, David purchased a property and converted it into an bed and breakfast inn. David offered Couples Relationship Retreats as a ”Special Option Package,” in addition to running the inn, marketing, building a web presence, administrating, and so on, we renovated the entire property inside and out.  

PSYCHOTHERAPIST AND CONSULTANT.  Private Practice.  I maintained a small private practice seeing clients on Kauai and with phone services for continuing mainland clients, along with continuing consultations by request for issues in a variety of areas.  Oct 1999- Oct 2002

Private Practice 1986-1999
+Individual, Couple, Family, and Group Modalities
+Adults 18-62 years of age, female and male
+Areas of Expertise: Men’s Issues, Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse, Gender Issues, Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment (voluntary and court ordered), Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Victim Advocacy and Treatment, Gender Identity and Role Issues, Partner of Survivor Issues, Relationship Issues, Divorce/Separation, Codependency and ACA Issues, Communication, Self Esteem, Grief and Loss, Intimacy/Individuation, Depression and Anger Issues. 
+Topics of Presentation and Consultation expertise include: men’s issues,
pro-feminism, treatment of adult survivors of child physical, emotional, and sexual trauma, domestic violence issues and treatment, gender issues in the workplace, male violence, the men’s movement, male healing and responsibility, sex role issues, addiction issues, clinical training re treatment of male violence, child onset abuse trauma in adults, men’s issues in psychotherapy, relationship issues.

The Boulder Men’s Center 1986-1999 
+In 1986, along with two others, David co-founded the BMC.
+Modalities included Individual, Couple, Family and Group, with specific group offerings such as general men’s treatment groups, sexual and physical abuse survivor groups, partner of survivor groups, domestic violence perpetrator groups, and Adult Children of Alcoholics groups (with women and men, separately). David has organized, led and co-led each type of group.
+The BMC utilized weekly peer supervision, case presentations, and formal supervision, and 
trained clinicians and provided student internships, having worked with four local
+Supervision of students, in-house clinicians, and other therapists.
+Through the BMC, David has consulted to the Boulder County Health Department, the University of Colorado (undergraduate level classes, MCCCD, EAP, and Wardenburg Student Health), Metro State College, Naropa Institute, Colorado State University, Boulder Technical Educational Center, the Boulder Police Department, Community Corrections, Probation, The Domestic Abuse Prevention Project, Hewlett-Packard, StorageTek, and other agencies and corporations.
+The BMC has produced three conferences and a public service community forum on men’s issues, and has served as a clearinghouse for agencies and programs for men.

Hale O’pio Kaua’i, Inc. 
Intensive in-home intervention with families having children and adolescents at serious risk for out-of-home placement. October 1994- April 1995. 

YWCA of Kauai.  
Alternatives to Violence. Domestic Violence Education & Treatment Program, Aug 1994-Apr 1995.

Boulder County AMEND (1987-1992)
+AMEND (Abusive Men Exploring New Directions) is an agency formed in 1976 with a specific purpose of ending domestic violence. Initially treating voluntary clients, AMEND moved to working with court-ordered clients as well, as mandatory arrest laws were passed in Colorado in 1985-86. In Boulder, AMEND is sponsored by the Boulder Men’s Center. My involvements included:
+Administrative responsibilities for Boulder County AMEND 
+Clinical Direction for the Boulder Office
+Supervision of therapists working on a contract basis with AMEND
+Training of students (e.g. C.U., C.S.U., D.U.)
+Establishing a new Clinical Program: David was responsible for the design of the Longmont (Boulder County) Pilot Domestic Violence Treatment Program and Family Support Services--offering varied supportive services to partners and children of perpetrators and a long term family system treatment model—funded by a grant from the Colorado Trust.
+presenting trainings, workshops, and educational offerings within community agencies and schools
+providing psychotherapy to both voluntary and court-ordered clients
+interfacing regularly with community agencies such as Safehouse, Community Corrections, Probation, the Domestic Abuse Prevention Project, Public Health, and the like through my roles as Advisory Board Member, Treatment Provider Coalition Founding Co-Chairperson, and Clinical and Administrative Representative of AMEND
+Domestic Violence Treatment Involvements while with the Boulder Men’s Center and AMEND included the following:
*Founding Co-Chair Boulder County Domestic Violence Treatment Providers Coalition
*Member Boulder County Domestic Abuse Prevention Project Task Force
*Member Boulder County Domestic Abuse Prevention Project Task Force Advisory Board    (County Commissioner appointed)
*Member Colorado State Commission Task Force on Domestic Violence
*Member Domestic Abuse Prevention Project Treatment Providers Subcommittee
*Member DAPP Treatment Standards Subcommittee
*Member DAPP Alternative Lifestyles Subcommittee
*Member 20th Judicial District Joint Subcommittee on Standards for Monitoring Treatment Providers
           *Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Provider for the State of Colorado 
           *Certified Teacher in Elementary Education, Social Studies, and Secondary Education

Member National Association of Social Workers
Member Hawaii State Coalition against Domestic Violence Committee (former)
Member Hawaii State Family Visitation Center Network (former)
Member National Organization of Men against Sexism
Member National Organization for Women
Member YWCA, Sierra Club, National Resource Defense Council, the Population Institute,
          NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Native American Rights Fund, and Worldwatch Institute

*“Abortion Policies Reflect the Status of Women” in the Boulder Daily Camera, July 21, 1991, and in Brother (The newsletter for NOMAS), Volume 9, Nos. 2 and 3, Summer/Fall 1991.

*“Men and Anger: View from a Therapist” in Men’s Council Journal No.11, November l99l.

*“Homophobic Dalliance” in Men’s Council Journal. No. 13, 1992.

*"A Key to Caring: Time-Outs" in Okaleo' Wahine; The Voice of Women, Vol. 21, Issue 3, March 2002.

*Domestic Violence Treatment. A Trauma Based Perspective. A one-day conference hosted by the Boulder Men’s Center and AMEND, held at the Clarion Hotel in Boulder, Colorado on July 15, 1994.

Perspectives on Men and Change: A Workshop for Helping Professionals. A one day workshop hosted by the Boulder Men’s Center and the Mapleton Men’s Recovery Program on November 2, 1990, in Boulder, Colorado.

Thursday Night Men’s Forum: Perspectives on Men and Change. A series of 9 free public talks, co-sponsored by the Boulder Men’s Center and the Mapleton Men’s Recovery Program, 9/6-11/1/90, Boulder.

On Healing the Batterer: Strategies for Intervention in the Clinical Arena. A two day conference, hosted by David and Doug Wassberg, L.C.S.W., and sponsored by AMEND and the BMC, March 16 and 17, 1990, at the Clarion Hotel, Boulder.


Multicultural Center for Counseling              Monroe Elementary School
and Community Development                            Loveland, Colorado
University of Colorado 9/78-1/79
Employee Assistance Program              
Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Psychiatric Institute                              Boulder Psychiatric Institute
(now Centennial Peaks Hospital)                             Adolescent Unit
Adult Inpatient Unit                                    Boulder, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado                                        8/7 7-3/78

PRACTICUM STUDENT                                     TEACHER, SIXTH GRADE
Boulder County Mental Health Center                       Elm Place Junior High School
Adult Treatment Team/Geriatric Treatment Team                         Highland Park, Illinois
Boulder, Colorado                                        9/76-8/77

MENTAL HEALTH WORKER Ill                                 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
/ ASSOCIATE FAMILY THERAPIST                           Glencoe Youth Center
Boulder Psychiatric Institute                                Glencoe Illinois                
Partial Hospital Program                                                                              6/74-6/76
Boulder, Colorado 

MENTAL HEALTH WORKER III                                            MENTAL HEALTH TECHNICIAN 
Boulder Psychiatric Institute                                                              Illinois State Psychiatric Institute   
Adult Inpatient Unit                                                                                        Chicago, Illinois  
Boulder, Colorado                                                              6/71-6/73    



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