The Foundation of Self Love  
As we challenge the brainwashing of our childhoods, focus on positive emotions, and take time to feel our being in this moment, 
we create a wise and grounded foundation for increasing a sense of self love and self care.  

2 Self Identity, Sense of Self – Values, Purpose, and Meaning
Self defining grows as we pay attention to both what the external world is about and has to say about values, meaning, and purpose, as well as to what our internal world has to say.

 3 More About the Cultural Trance
We all need to understand the rules of the game, and the field on which it is played.  We all need to have some order to our worldview, to have a sense of the “place’ of everything in the world.  If this order or schema is lacking, we lose perspective and, with enough confusion, we lose a sense of who we are in the world.  So we all rely on and reinforce this hierarchical notion of how the world is ordered...

4 What Does Self Care Look Like
Loving ourselves means that we recognize that we are worth paying attention to, that we are considerate of ourselves, that we are supportive to ourselves—that we sometimes even permit ourselves to be the center of attention and the center of the universe.

5 Specific Self Care Strategies - Increased Well-Being IS Possible: The Paradigm Shift That It Takes
Those who have figured out that loving and caring for themselves first and in a balanced way are the ones in this world who are able to be the most kind, generous, open, clear, and satisfied in their relationships with others and the world.  They are also the most creative.

6 Safety, Love, and Wonder
One must feel safe in order to wonder, one must wonder in order to grow, one must grow in order to know who she or he is, one must know who she or he is in order to create either the prospect of joy or the true possibility of finding anything greater or deeper.

My Intact Self
Intact self at any developmental stage involves an effort to see the “bigger picture” that gives meaning to life. Hand in hand with self-reflection is the demand for us humans that we somehow create meaning.  At each stage, looking at the big picture, we will create meaning that, by definition, is different than the meaning we created at any other stage.


7 Shame, Guilt, and Other Demons
Positive self talk, that is, reminding ourselves regularly that we are good, intact, worthy, and loveable, and overriding any tape that says anything otherwise, (in other words, writing a new positive script to play in our ear buds), opens a whole new view to the world.  We can begin to see positive possibilities, and we can begin to sense the good that exists in the world, despite the negative things that seem to be there.

9 Choosing To Take Quiet Time Alone
Self care involves creating an opportunity to see ourselves and feel ourselves, to take time with ourselves alone—thoughtfully, reflectively, and quietly; to take time to visit our inner world, so that we might know and appreciate ourselves at deeper and deeper levels.  Self care involves making it a priority to create this time to be alone with ourselves in an attentive and focused way.