People who are looking for a therapist should see themselves as consumers, and try to make sure that what they are investing in is right for them. For this reason, David offers a half hour initial session at no charge. This is an opportunity for both client and therapist to meet and get a feel for each other, to ask questions, and get a beginning sense of what occurs in a therapy session. It is also an opportunity for David to get a sense of what you are wanting and looking for in therapy (and in a therapist), and ultimately for both parties to see if there is a fit. If you are interested in an initial consultation before beginning psychotherapy, let David know, and we can schedule this initial meeting.


The full fee for a fifty minute session is $175  whether individual or couples. Cash payment at the time of service can reduce the session fee to $160. David offers a certain number of sliding fee scale slots, as available. Other ways to pay attention to cost concerns include having bi-weekly (as opposed to the standard weekly) session frequency and negotiating a payment plan or establishing a specific psychotherapy contract at a reduced rate (see below).  

Currently, David does not work with  any insurance carriers. However, if you are interested in working with David without using your insurance, he may be able to work with you at a charge close to your copay in most cases.  He can also give you a statement you can submit to your insurance carrier for possible out-of-network reimbursement


In addition to cash and check, David does take credit cards, should you wish to pay for services in that way.


Depending on your particular reasons for coming to psychotherapy, it may be appropriate and useful to establish a Psychotherapy Contract, wherein you and David agree to work toward your specific goals over a predetermined number of sessions within a specific period of time. For example, you may commit to meeting weekly over a three month period of time to achieve your therapeutic goal. If this is an appropriate structure for you, it is possible to establish a reduced fee per session during this agreed on time frame.

David A. Yeats LCSW - StillPoint Psychotherapy