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A Universe Full of Magical Things examines our universe from the standpoint of quantum theory and what it actually tells us about reality. It shows how materialistic science embraces a point of view that cannot be true, leaving us with a mythic version of reality.

Quantum theory says there is no matter, only a world full of fields with point-like excitations—like nanotornados. If this is so, all that we perceive is an illusion. What we experience is a reality, but not reality, similar to a computer game. Yet in our illusory and virtual reality, our universe is alive and intelligent, conscious throughout. The totality of existence is one interconnected whole—emerging, making choices, and evolving deliberately.

A Universe Full of Magical Things…
explores the capacity to know and the consciousness present in all of Earth’s flora and fauna.
examines evolution as an “intelligent dance between organism and environment.” 
describes the self-reflective awareness only humanity possesses, which allows us to participate with the universe in deliberately choosing and co-creating what is to come—in a universe that is alive and conscious and making choices throughout. 

Quantum theory says we get to choose among options for what will happen, and why. Apparently, since we as humans are partners in shaping, choosing and creating what will be as we move forward, we have a job to do. We can be passive and merely go along for the ride, or we can be agents of creating something more and positive. Sound strange? What is far stranger is the materialist notion that existence burst forth out of absolutely nothing! The life we live is not based in some mindless and mechanical machine. It’s filled with purpose and meaning!


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